Almond cookie bars. How long to cook roast in crock pot

Almond Cookie Bars

almond cookie bars

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Gourmet Almond & Toffee Cookie Bars with Chocolate Chips

Gourmet Almond & Toffee Cookie Bars with Chocolate Chips

Rich and buttery, these ultra thick bars (1.25 inches tall!) have delicious brown sugar cookie crust studded with chocolate chips. We then added in a generous layer of crunchy almond toffee chunks, slivered almonds, and rich sweetened condensed milk, WOW!

Porcupines (Coconut Almond Cookies)

Porcupines (Coconut Almond Cookies)

I've never baked before. (Until 1 1/2 months ago, I'd never cooked, either.) I collected favourite recipes from friends and family to start on some Christmas baking.

These are called porcupines because of the spiny, coconut coating.

almond cookie bars

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