What Temp To Cook Chicken

what temp to cook chicken

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Staoineag Bothy

Staoineag Bothy

Wednesday 3rd November
I cursed my 04:30 alarm & then remembered why it was set so early - Stoineag! The day had finaly arrived!
A swift shower & breakfast then out the door to collect Scott (Kobudo) at 06:00 & onto Gretna to meet Davy (Trekman) at 08:30.
From Gretna we drove up through Glasgow (a trip down memory lane for Scott), onto the A82 along the side of Loch Lomond to Crainlarich.
With the tea room closed we were pubward bound for an over-priced & under-enjoyed lunch.
The train left Crainlarich at 14:21. My belly jittered with excitment as we chugged through amazing country, catching a glimps of Rannoch brought back fond,
but still fresh, memories.
15:30 we set off from Corour along the tracks to meet the landrover track then on down to the loch, it took us an hour or so. The track along to the lodge was a
little splodgey & the light began to fade. By the time we reached the lodge bridge, turning upstream, it was dusky - not too dark. It was around here that Scott
found his new boots to be more than just an irritant, they were giving him real grief! The pace slowed & darkness fell. I will spare you the details of this final
approach as im sure most will know the hardships of bogtrotting in the dark.
19:00 - 19:30 (ish) we stomped into Stoineag to find a nice German couple in the small room, they allowed us to warm by their fire & slurp hot coffee.
No fire was lit in our room on that first night nor did we have a large supper, instead we snacked & lit a load of candles before reaching for alcohol - purely for
medicinal purposes i must add. An intended early night ended around 00:30 - 01:00. Room temp. 11°C
Thursday 4th November. Room temp. 7°C
We slid out of our sleeping bags around 07:00 (i had been half awake for a couple of hours due to my roll matt deflating through the night) & stepped outside to
catch our first glimps of what we had blundered through the night before - awesome! The hills cloaked in a rustic golden blanket with Stags on their crests
calling to Hinds, the river gushing past with the roar of yonder waterfall & the wind pushing cloud up the sides of distant mountain tops, oh yeah & that
troublesome bog which seemed to splodge on forever (curse it!).
Thursday’s weather was quite wet & windy with bursts of rain, which soon blew over affording brief vista la grand before the next downpour.
Fire wood was the title of Thursday’s mission so me & Davy grabbed our empty packs & bow saw before setting off for the trees (15-20min walk in day light
an eternity in the dark). Davy fancied his chances with a spot of fishing in the loch so carried on upto the lodge while i cut & piled up a load of wood - the spars
woodlands around there are a refreshing & welcome change to the vast pine forests of the NE&B. With my pack stuffed full of wood i made my way, slowly, back
to the relative warmth & shelter of the Bothy. The fire fodder sticking out the top of my pack caused issues when passing trees, they pulled me over to the left then
back over to the right, they seen me stuck on my back like a tortoise & continuously thumped & spiked the back of my head - what lengths are we willing to go to,
to ensure we have a good blaze for the night?! Id sat for about 10min when Davy returned with an equal stock pile. A quick brew then back for a second load.
Scott needed to rest his new boot-itis for the day, a wise choice if any, which seen me & Davy ok for coffee & roll-ups (Davy doesn’t smoke!) & he also got
well stuck into cutting the wood up then splitting it with the big felling axe - which he seemed to enjoy a little too much.
The rest of the day was spent slurping coffee, taking photos & being told “Its too early to light the fire!”.
The evening came, the fire was lit, candles were dotted around & We thought supper would have been the natural next step but it seemed that chef for
the evening had fallen victim to the contents of the magic tin & could do little but gaze vacantly at the hypnotic flames, no doubt envisioning surreal cities
enhabited by dancing sprites& catepillars sitting on toadstools. “My stomach thinks my throat has been cut!”, “That curry doesn’t smell very nice!” & such like
remarks kicked Scott into action & he soon had a fantastic chicken curry & rice plated up, served up with home brewed ale & a cracking open fire.
We drank, smoked & ate as the fire basket filled with glowing goodnes &, outside, the night grew thick. Im sure we were in bed by 22:30. Room temp. 23°C
Friday 5th November. Room temp. 5°C
A relatively clear night had dropped the temperature but made the morning our finest yet, a little cloudy but the wind had died down & we could see the snow
capped mountains in the distance. 07:00 & the coffee bubbled while Davy cooked up some shake & bake pancakes, filled with mixed nuts, seeds, dried apricot
& soaked with honey & map

friday lunch

friday lunch

this is a mistake gone right type of dish.....completely cucina povera, saving food from the trash heap of mistakes by an inattentive cook (above photo is before it baked in the oven, I failed to get photos of the yummy onion cooking and the chicken and green chile addition, it looked yummy though)

this dish began as garlic flavored ricotta, on monday.....the inattention of moi let the milk boil over and the cheese never did curdle, so I decided I had a scalded milk bath of 9 cloves of grated garlic, garlic milk....save it for pasta sauce during the week, used some to make a ranch dressing, super yummy, then hubby decided to take me out for our anniversary, I was to make shrimp garlic alfredo with it, but alas twist my wrist, lol......we had some chicken left from monday, well lots of chicken actually, so I asked hubby last night, pasta or what for lunch? he said enchiladas.......little does he know this is the best enchilada i have ever made.....I am calling it

Garlic Suiza Verde chicken mushroom Enchiladas

I am sure I could never duplicate it, but for those willing to try, lol: make lots of mistakes!

Begin 4 days earlier than you want to cook it, measure 2 cups whole milk and 1 tablespoon fresh squeezed lemon juice, pour into heavy bottomed pan, then with a microplane carefully grate 9 cloves of garlic into it and stir and in an attempt to make ricotta, overheat it, ignore it and let it scald and boil over making a huge mess on your stove......with the remaining milky mess in the pan, think posiitive and let it cool on a trivet for about an hour, then try to strain it through a colander lined with cheesecloth, curse every bad word you know when the whole thing except the garlic chunks end up in the bowl under the colander........feel tired and lazily funnel all this into a canning jar then scrape the poor garlic into the jar to swim with the milky mess, put on top shelf of fridge and let it get frozen and weird, so that when you decide to make ranch dressing you have to chip through the ice to get the whey....act surprised when the bottom of the jar kind of looks like cheese and the top is yellow and whey like, with optimism strain on day 3 and then curse again with the whole mess going through the cheesecloth, dump it all back in and scrape the garlic back into it's icy bath and keep in the fridge.......refuse to throw it out because It is 2 cups of milk, well it was 2 cups of milk!

Begin the enchiladas
(with the knowledge that you make crappy enchiladas and assume this will have to be eaten with chips like a dip)

the above mentioned milk mess
3/4 cup cooked shredded off whole roasted chicken dark meat(legs)
3/4 cup shredded cheddar cheese
1/2 can black olives (about 14)
1/2 onion (sliced roughly into wormy strings)
6 sliced mushrooms
1 tablespoon butter
handful of chopped cilantro
6 flour tortillas
1 can verde enchilada sauce (10 ounce) small size

In large saute pan put butter and onions and let them soften and caramelize then add mushrooms, let them brown a little, add chicken and stir them around until it looks like it is well incorporated, then add can of verde enchilada sauce, stir it to coat the chicken and then add the milk mess, the thinner whey stuff save the thicker cheese like lumps for the final sauce......let this bubble and toil on a low heat for about 5 minutes, making sure all the stuff is coated equally taste and add seasoning as you need it I added a little cracked black pepper but found it plenty salty, then lay the 6 flour tortillas on top of the pan to soften and let the bottom one get wet with the sauce, flip tortilla pile and using wet one put it in a buttered casserole dish wet side up, with a large slotted spoon get about 1/3 cup of the meat/onion and let the sauce strain off, put a handful of cheese on the tortilla, then the meat mixture, roll and put seam side down in the pan, repeat....when pan is full and all the meat mixture is strained out, turn the heat up a little and add the cilantro and that clump of garlic creamy milk and stir to incorporate into the already cooked sauce, try to scrape everything off the pan and make sure it gets in the sauce.....in about 3 minutes you should have a nice pourable smooth sauce..taste it and see if you need salt or pepper...at this point i added a little sea salt.....pour this over the enchiladas then top with the last handful of cheese and the sliced olives, bake in a 350 degree oven for 40ish minutes, I let mine go an hour but did turn the temp down to 260 as I was timing hubby coming home for lunch, and he was late.....i served them topped with avocado and raw diced onions, quite yummy and not too spicy, I am not a fan of huge spice but they are very garlicky and that I love!

what temp to cook chicken

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