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Micro Pressure Cooker

micro pressure cooker

    pressure cooker
  • An airtight pot in which food can be cooked quickly under steam pressure

  • A highly stressful situation or assignment

  • autoclave for cooking at temperatures above the boiling point of water

  • Pressure cooking is a method of cooking in a sealed vessel that does not permit air or liquids to escape below a preset pressure.

  • Pressure Cooker claims to be Boston’s original old-school reggae band. The group formed in 1997 with a shared passion of Jamaican ska, rocksteady, and reggae music of the sixties and seventies.

  • Extremely small

  • Small-scale

  • See also Micro Cars

  • Micro Cars is a automobile company based in Peliyagoda, Sri Lanka, Founded in 1995. This was established by automobile engineer, Dr. Lawrence Perara. Their first introduction was "Micro Privilege" which had 1000cc gasoline engine with inline 4 cylinders.

  • extremely small in scale or scope or capability

Puzzleium High Pressure Transport

Puzzleium High Pressure Transport

Precision Transport is a subdivision of the Civilian Engineering Corporation (CE), specialized in building transportation devices for hazardous and unstable materials.
Puzzleium is a very rare metal that is liquid at extreme pressures.It is the only way it can be transported otherwise it crystalizes in place and becomes very fragile.
It's properties in itself aren't great but coupled with other metals, it becomes extremely efficient for structure and armor plating manufacturing with reduced weight.
But to be transported it needs to remain in its liquid form. So consider this machine as a mobile, giant pressure cooker.

This was a lot of fun to build too!

I hate this endless low-light winter... pictures are horribly hard to make look right...

micro pressure cooker

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